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The raiders of Appalachia were an alliance of ruthless marauders and bandits from across the region. They consisted of five gangs; the Cutthroats, the Diehards, the Blackwater Bandits, the Gourmands and the Trappers. By 2102, the alliance had been dissolved and its members wiped out.

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Since the day the bombs dropped, raiders have been the scourge of the wasteland. In Appalachia, the raider gangs were created by tourists who were staying in the area's numerous ski resorts and survivors who fled into the mountains of the Savage Divide and were involved in a tenuous alliance with one another. By 2102, all of the gangs had been destroyed, with the only known survivors being robots, such as Rose and their protectron traders.

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Raiders appear in Fallout 76.

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Before being wiped out, the Appalachian raiders developed a language of symbols to communicate with fellow raiders and mark places based on their loot or on the threat they might pose.

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