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Expéditions : The Pitt
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Dates de sortie
Xbox One
Les informations suivantes se basent sur le prochain contenu de Fallout 76 et peuvent être inexactes ou contenir des spoilers.

« L'humanité lutte pour sa survie dans des Terres désolées post-apocalyptiques qui vont bien au-delà des frontières des Appalaches. »

Expéditions : The Pitt est la treizième mise à jour majeure de Fallout 76.

Nouveautés[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Expéditions - Cette mise à jour proposera de se rendre sur les terres de Pitt, ville issue du contenu téléchargeable éponyme de Fallout 3.
  • Saison 10 - City of Steel

Armures[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Union power armor [trad. nécessaire]
    • Union Chest Piece
    • Union Helm
    • Union Right Leg
    • Union Right Arm
    • Union Left Arm
    • Union Left Arm
    • Union Right Arm

Vêtements[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Fallen Prisoner's Collar [trad. nécessaire]
  • Trench Mask [trad. nécessaire]
  • Trench Med [trad. nécessaire]
  • Padded Jacket Trench [trad. nécessaire]
  • Runner's Coat Trench [trad. nécessaire]
  • Runner's Hood [trad. nécessaire]
  • Skippy's Headwear [trad. nécessaire]
  • Tinkerer's Goggles Responders' [trad. nécessaire]
  • Tinkerer's Overalls [trad. nécessaire]

Armes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Hache automatique (arme de corps à corps)
  • Troglocide (grenade) [trad. nécessaire]
  • Acid Reflux (arme à distance) [trad. nécessaire]

Consommables[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Venison and Tato Stew [trad. nécessaire]
  • Basket of Venison [trad. nécessaire]
  • Basket of Carrots [trad. nécessaire]
  • Basket of Tatos [trad. nécessaire]
  • Bowl of Salt [trad. nécessaire]
  • Bowl of Black Pepper [trad. nécessaire]
  • Burned Venison and Tato Stew [trad. nécessaire]

Objets d'atelier[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • The Pitt Stein [trad. nécessaire]

Objets divers[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Steel Ingots [trad. nécessaire]
  • Picture of Debbie [trad. nécessaire]
  • Picture of the Stranger [trad. nécessaire]
  • Picture of Orlando [trad. nécessaire]
  • Picture of Rucker [trad. nécessaire]
  • Acidic Gulper Venom [trad. nécessaire]
  • Hospital Field Guide [trad. nécessaire]
  • Acidic Gulper Gland [trad. nécessaire]
  • Resonator Guitar [trad. nécessaire]

Ennemies[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Trogs [trad. nécessaire]

Factions[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Fanatics [trad. nécessaire]
  • Union [trad. nécessaire]

Lieux[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • The Whitespring Refuge
  • The Pitt
    • The Foundry [trad. nécessaire]

Plans[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Les informations suivantes n'ont pas encore de version française.
  • Plan: Union 42 Banners [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Gulper Head [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Gulper Rug [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Helm [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Right Arm [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Left Arm [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Left Leg [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Right Leg [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Chest Piece [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Blood Cleanser [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Targeting HUD [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Cooling Vent [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Stealth Boy [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Sensor Array [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Motion-Assist Servos [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Reactive Plates [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Kinetic Dynamo [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Overdrive Servos [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Tesla Bracers [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Medic Pump [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Core Assembly [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union VATS Matrix Overlay [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Optimized Servos [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Calibrated Shocks [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Recon Sensors [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Optimized Bracers [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Tesla Coils [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Hydraulic Bracers [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Internal Database [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Kinetic Servos [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Emergency Protocols [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Jet Pack [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Rusty Knuckles [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Auto Axe [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Auto Axe Burning Mod [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Auto Axe Electrified Mod [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Auto Axe Poisoned Mod [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Auto Axe Turbo Mod [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Pittsburgh Industrial Floodlight Kit [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Trench Runner's Coat [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Trench Runner's Hood [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Fanatics Pump-Action Shotgun Paint [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: The Pitt City Limit Signs [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Responders' Padded Jacket [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Trog Tube [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Tinkerer's Overalls [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Tinkerer's Goggles [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Pittsburgh Street Kit [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Fanatic Barricade [trad. nécessaire]
  • Plan: Union Hunting Rifle Skin [trad. nécessaire]

Quêtes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Responders Reborn
  • Refuge Daily: Code Blue
  • Refuge Daily: Mutual Aid
  • Refuge Daily: Recipe for Success

Notes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Les informations suivantes n'ont pas encore de version française.
  • Wall Instructions

Listen here you feckless swine, I'll spell it out one last time.


I find any more of these and you'll be joining the wall.

Don't ask why, just do.

  • Sealed Away

How long have we been down here? Weeks? Months? At this point I can't really tell who's worse, those fanatics or the beasts.
At least it's not personal with the beasts. You don't see them sealing each other up in walls.

  • Nighttime

At night the fanatics retreat to the cathedral, that's when the beasts come out.

I think the beasts have started to learn they can't get into our cells and have mostly given up trying.

Or maybe they feel bad for us. It's almost peaceful now.

  • Ness Myers

We tried! We did everything we could to get her out but we just couldn't move any more of the blocks. All I could do is hold her hand until the end.

Her name was Ness Myers.

If anyone finds this, get out while you can before you become one of us.

  • No Escape

Lost Matt last night... I told him not to go, he insisted he'd be fine since the beasts have begun to leave us alone.

He didn't make it far before we heard a bear trap catch his leg. His screams brought every one of the beasts down onto him. At least it was over quick.

Is this why the guards stopped locking our cells?

  • Memo to Team


As you may know, donations have been down across the board. We're going to try something different this month by instituting quotas.

Each of you will now be responsible for soliciting at least $155,000 for the month of October.

In the event you are unable to meet your quota for the month you will be asked to volunteer elsewhere.

Thank you for your understanding, and remember, top contributor will receive a $300 gift card to Slocum's Joe!


  • Top Donors

Top Donors for September

Anonymous $820,000
Finnegan Family $680,000
A. Aaron $249,000
John Smith $249,000
J. Doe $249,000
Patricia Joy $132,972
A&N Construction $118,000
Tom & Mary Webley $ 85,001
R & J Roberts $ 85,000
Soup & Suds Bar $ 75,000

  • Few More Days

Just a few more days. At least that's what I keep telling myself. These guys may be crazy but what other options do I have?

All I gotta do is keep my head down and do what they say. The sooner the others realize that the sooner they'll be up here too.

I'm worried about my cell mates. They seem excited about joining. Who would actually want to treat other living beings like this?

Just a few more days, then maybe I'll be able to help the others.

  • Dominance

Remember, assert your dominance. They scream at you, you scream back, louder.

If that doesn't work give 'em a solid crack to the skull. That'll send 'em crawling back into their holes.

Works every time on the little bastards. It's the big bastards you need to watch out for.

You see one of those and you'd better find a turret to hide behind real quick.

  • Goodbye Cliffy

Tonight we're gathered here to say goodbye to ol' Cliffy.
You tried to get away and that just broke our hearts.
(Sad Face)
Nearly got away too, didn't you?
(Emphasis on Nearly)
That's ok, you're back with us now!
(Happy Face)
I'd ask if you have any last words but I doubt you can speak with your jaw looking like that.
(Pause for reaction.)
Anyway, goodbye Cliffy.
(Remember to flip switch.)

  • Test Results

Fridge - 2 hours. Guess these are more air tight than I thought.

Coffin - 6 hours. One pipe, insufficient? Maybe another hole on the bottom to promote air flow?

Bathtub - 8 days. Think we got a winner here.

The smell of damp laborer may be a bit much at times but it gives them ample time to reconsider our offer.

  • Tonight's Entertainment

Tonight's Entertainment!

Puppet Show
ft. Jessie and the Rotten Head

Romeo & Juliet
A One Man Re-Imagining
ft. Rosco

Surprise Spelling Bee
ft. Bees
Remember folks, please tip your entertainers!

Lord knows they need it.

  • Priest's Letter

Brother Sherman,

I hope this letter finds you well. However I am in dire need of your help. I should have known better than to do business with those goons.

The church needed money and they offered a way out. Said they'd leave us more than enough to keep the doors open. But now they're leaving us with nothing.

I pleaded with their boss but he laughed and said I should start offering tours of those "spooky catacombs" of ours. Have they no respect for the dead?

Please I need your advice. I didn't join the priesthood for money, I just wanted to spread the good word.

Brother Michael

  • Hearing Things

Think I'm losing it down here.

Maybe it's just my imagination but I could have sworn I heard one of those little bastards say my name.

That can't be, they're just god damn monsters.

Now that I think about it, it did kind of look like my old bunkmate. Fucked up face and everything.

  • My Noose

A few days ago I fell through the ground.

Everything deteriorated so fast. The streets emptied. Buildings crumbled. There was a stench in the air, like cleaning chemicals and sulfur. I woke up choking on it, in the middle of an earthquake. Then I fell back through my bed like you do in nightmares. Except it was real, and I landed in a pool of acid.

Clawed my way out like I was on fire. Everything's been dark since then. It got in my eyes.

I've been going in circles. I tried to climb the walls. I wonder how close I got to the top. If it was only one more handhold away, or fifty...

Now I'm hearing things. Screams that sound human, but not. I'm so thirsty. Bet you these are my last words. I hope they're legible.

Let it be known that I'm Jaxon Reed, and in life I had a best friend named Marley. See you soon, buddy. I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

  • Ava's Journal #1

Once more I've been led to salvation.

So many I had to leave behind. So many innocent lives laid to waste by the misguided. This city crumbles all around me. Yet it is still my home.

And the people left behind are my neighbors. I will stay, and guide whom I can to the same salvation I was granted.

I pray for the strength I need to guide them. If I cannot find it within my own aging body, let me work through my words, through my hope. There are those I may still influence. I pray they are sent along my path.

  • Safe Haven

Dear Mason,

If you can make it through the Trench, safe haven can be found at the Sanctum. Look for the cathedral. This is one of the few places we're still safe from the Fanatics.

Hope to see you soon.


Found this lead to another Union safehouse. Hard to reach, but the location itself is poorly guarded and contains a good store of food and medical supplies. Maybe three dozen survivors in residence. Please advise. -D

  • Bad Omens

Things remain peaceful here, while the chasm surrounding the cathedral grows wider and deeper. Supply runs are becoming more and more dangerous.

An illness is going around. If it weren't for the air it wouldn't be so bad. Olivia almost stopped breathing last night.

It was just after I saw a shadow outside the window. It looked like a person. Maybe it was nothing. We can't afford to have the Fanatics find us now.

I pray our safe haven remains as such, for as long as the Lord will grant us mercy.

  • Trogs

To the Foreman:

Mia got dragged away last night. I barely managed to shut the gate before she dragged me away with her.

With all due respect, we need more security down here. We're just as vulnerable to the trogs as the prisoners are! The last three people who got assigned with me didn't survive the night.

Ah shit. You're trying to get rid of me, aren't you?

Ava's Journal #2

These lost lambs have answered my prayers. A feral child, born in the chasm. A chemist from the factory, driven close to madness after the earth opened up and spilled her own creation upon her. A runaway Fanatic in repentance.

The child and chemist, I offered each of them to share my shelter. On the first day, they wouldn't approach each other. I was surprised on the second day to find them sharing the food they had each scavenged. On day three, they were gone. Two souls who each believed themselves monsters, yet they found humanity in each other.

The Fanatic: he lingers. Always just out of eyesight, taking only what he needs. But among needs, there is more than just the physical. With time, maybe I can teach him.

  • Ava's Journal #3

The runaway tracker - for it is no longer right to define him by his past - he lingers still, away from the light. He accepts my gifts now. I can only hope that it means his heart is opening.

He seeks purpose. A new role in this desolate city. But he does not believe himself worthy.

Even if he cannot find it in himself to forgive his past mistakes, he must give himself permission to take a step forward. One step, and then another. Each day brings new light, new challenges, new opportunities. Perhaps one day he will look back and find his past self is but a distant shadow. A healed scar on the inevitable horizon.

  • Janitor Note 2

Looks like ol' Michael's prayers were answered. They started removing barrels from the warehouse. I have no idea of where they're taking them, but that's not my problem. I have mountains of leaked goo to clean up in the meantime.

  • Janitor Note 1

The folks in Manufacturing started storing barrels of something foul in my part of the building. Heard them say it was the leftovers from some experimental drain cleaner? I can never keep track of these "product id" numbers they make everyone use.
This stuff makes my eyes water just being in the room with it. Used to just be I sweep floors and maybe clean up a spill now and then. Now I got to wear a goddamn hazmat suit just to do my job! They better find somewhere else to put this crud, or there's not going to be any floor left for me to sweep.

  • Chemist Note

I thought I had a lead on a neutralizer for the waste. I worked late to follow it but turned out to just be another dead end. On my way out, I saw a crew in hazmat suits wheeling dozens of barrels to the back. It's no secret that the complex has been neglected by corporate and management for a long time now, but are we really resorting to dumping the waste from 31148 in our own back yard? I'd draft an incident report and send it to corporate, but I have no doubt it'd fall on deaf ears. Maybe my time is better spent drafting my resignation.

  • Pitt. Union Railroad Worker Note

This is the 5th time this month JP and I have had to do a patch job on a corroded tank car. Whatever it is the Abraxo guys are dumping in, it's tearing through our cars faster than we can patch them. We're also down 3 folks. Said they've gotten sick while working near the stuff. We are not equipped to handle Abraxo's waste, and we're not going to kill ourselves fixing the train cars that THEY trashed with THEIR CHEMICALS. We're having a meeting later today to draft a formal letter of complaint. This has gotten out of hand.

  • "Mission Critical" is a joke!

We're being expected to pull insane hours to handle this "mission critical" task, but we aren't even given the equipment we need to do our research? We lost another vat to corrosion yesterday, and I had to use a Nuka-Cola bottle in lieu of a graduated cylinder! If they really cared about this neutralizer so bad, maybe they'd bother to give us the most basic tools we need to do our job. This level of mismanagement is inexcusable. I bet the folks at HalluciGen don't have to put up with this nonsense

  • Janitor Note 3

As a janitor nobody notices you, so you hear things in passing. Today I heard that Edgar Clemmon is getting the sack. Story got out saying we've apparently been illegally dumping barrels. Guess that explains why I haven't seen a barrel of waste in my warehouse in weeks. Supposedly, corporate will be bringing in a new Director of Operations to "turn things around". If that means finally getting me that new floor buffer I've been begging for, you won't hear me complaining.

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  • Le panneau visible dans la bande-annonce est le même que celui du contenu téléchargeable de Fallout 3.

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  • Bande-annonce officielle