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Icon template doc.png Cette page contient les informations d'utilisation pour Modèle:Article principal.

Navigational template used if something is summarized in one article but explained in more detail in another.

If no summary is given in the current article, please use {{see}} instead.

Based on {{Hatnote}}.

Usage[modifier le wikicode]

{{Article principal|article name}}

Parameters[modifier le wikicode]

Sometimes required or at least one requiredIcon semi-required.png
<unnamed 1> à <unnamed 5>

The page(s) with detailed information.

OptionnelIcon optional.png
(default: "<unnamed #>")
t1 à t5

Can be used to overwrite the default link text for the corresponding <unnamed> parameter. For example, t3 changes the link text for <unnamed 3>.

Examples[modifier le wikicode]

Simple[modifier le wikicode]

{{Article principal|The Vault:Templates}}

results in:

Article principal : The Vault:Templates

Overwriting default text[modifier le wikicode]

{{Article principal|The Vault:Templates|t1=template page}}

results in:

Article principal : template page

Source[modifier le wikicode]

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